New Orange Lodge for Cardiff

Rawlins White Memorial L.O.L 803 Cardiff

Several Brothers from The Somme memorial LOL 842 Bristol have applied to the Grand Lodge of England for permission to start a new Lodge in Cardiff, South Wales.
Permission has been granted and the venture also has the support of the Metropolitian Province, Plymouth District, The Somme Memorial LOl 842, as well as ourselves Boyne Obelisk LOL 1690, whom has several members who live in Wales.
If anyone feels they would be willing to transfer, join or indeed help in any way please get in touch with Bro Ian McFarland at

The Lodge have already been given permission to hold their meetings in a Church Hall in the North of Cardiff. Much work has already been done and plans for the opening day are well under way.

Lodge Opening Day St Patrick's Day, 17th March 2012

If anyone in the South Wales area is interested in joining, please get in touch.See link below for coverpage for the Cardiff Lodge.

Rawlins White Memorial L.O.L 803 Cardiff

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